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Complivit Vetplus

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Deskripsi Complivit Vetplus


  • Complivit contains all the essential amino acids for cats and dogs, including Taurine.  Complivit also contains:
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Prebiotics
    • Energy, in the form of quick releasing sugars and more slowly metabolised oils


  • Complivit is a tasty nutritional supplement containing essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics. It can help lift energy levels and aid in the maintenance of a balanced diet.

    • Give an old pet more energy


    • To Support recovery by providing optimum nutrient intake

    Illness or Weakness

    • Help with low appetite while recovering from an illness

    Support Fussy Eaters

    • Pets who are particular about their food will often be deficient in essentials nutrients

    Working Dogs & Intent Exercise

    • Active pets have higher energy requirements

    Unsettled Animals

    • Stress & worry (e.g. moving house or going to the kennels) often make pets less interested in their food

    Dental Discomfort

    • It’s not uncommon for animals with dental issues have difficulty eating

    Recommendation Daily Intake:



    1 teaspoon (15g) per 10kg per day

    1 teaspoon (5g) per 3-5kg per day